You are done with all the puree and your toddler doesn’t really like it anymore since now that he has teeth he’s got to use them at all times.  For now everything is finger-food :).. lets get messy. Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes.

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Crepes Sunday

If you didn’t already have breakfast, or you need an afternoon snack here is something you might want to try. >>>> Crepes… hmmmm with lots of chocolate spread or fruit or whatever you like to add on itIMG_20160403_084325

The trick is to have your pan on high heat and to flip the crepes fairly quickly. Honestly the first time I tried making these I wasn’t too happy with my work….. it looked nothing like a crepe at the end, but tasted good. So just as a warning this might take some practice.

Here is what you need ( makes about 15-20 crepes):

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