best gift for a pregnant lady

At some point during pregnancy mommy to be wont be able to see her feet much less reach them or be able to put her shoes on. Everybody is different so depending on if its her first child or second/third/forth the belly will be this great big size starting at approximately week 24. If she has been OK so fare, that last trimester is really when she needs to be pampered. Here are some things you can do for mommy to be.

Designed by Freepik
Designed by Freepik
  • coupon for a pedicure (better no nail polish during pregnancy, but I think there is a special kind that is safe for her to use), while you are add it manicure would be nice too
  • massages, massages, massages
  • an air mattress that has a whole for the belly such as HOLO Mattress (I am a belly sleeper and the next time around I will definitely get one like this)
  • comfortable shoes such as BIRKENSTOCK
  • tell her she looks beautiful as much as possible (at this stage Miss Prego just feels BIG and needs some compliments badly)
  • if you know her size maybe even a nice maternity dress

Let me know if you need more advise or have any questions about these suggestions. Always keep in mind every pregnancy is different and every mom to be handles things different.