Last minute cookies for Christmas

This is the best 10 min recipe that was given to me and its super kids friendly. That way you spend more time making the cookies rather than preparing the dough and for all of you with little kids you know just as good how long the whole cookie cutting and decorating can take with little helpers. Continue reading


Free Fall/Thanksgiving Decoration

We are getting close to the big day of full tummies, family, friends, music and fun. At the end of that day most of us will simply pass out or roll home since walking just doesn’t seem to be an option with so much food in our stomachs.

Lets get ready and prepare your home with some free decoration you can find in the park or forest. Yes you heard right, no need to buy too much when you have some at home and can pick up the rest on a nice walk in the park on a sunny day.


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Make it special!

There are so many things you made by yourself and wish to give to your friends and family as a present. Why not add a little something to it to make it even more special.

I found this stamp set at target for $3 and am stamping away like crazy now. With Christmas and all the other holidays coming up there is always a reason to give a gift and you want to make sure that it is wrapped really nice.

I made the baby hat in the picture for a friend of mine as she is expecting her 2nd child and since they don’t wish to reveal the gender I went a little wild on the color selection.  Continue reading

Ready Set Potty go!

A lot of articles tell you to pay attention for signs that show that your toddler is ready to start potty training. None of them however mention that the question should also be are you as a parent ready !?!

It takes time, lots of patience and lots of cleaning and extra laundry! You can do it and you shouldn’t delay it too much. But also everyone is different and every kid has his/her own head.

I don’t believe in the three-day program! What I do believe in is the naked- butt all summer long program ….(that is whenever you are at home of course) 🙂

Before you even start the training take a week or two to just sit your toddler on the potty with cloth/ diaper on, just so that he gets a feel for it. Whatever I tell you in this post keep in mind you know your child best and the rules are always there to be bent!

To start the real thing, move everything away that you do not wish to get peed or pooped on (carpets, pillows, chair cushions etc.)

These are the products I highly recommend to get before starting the training:

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Ikea Pillow Hack

We stayed at a hotel room in Montreal and realized that our little girl really loved all those pillows. Who can blame her it is so comfy . So we decided to finally get her, her own pillow for her bed at home. On our way home we stopped at Ikea and among the many items we ended up buying we purchased a Slan Pillow that I turned into a crib pillow.

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organize your sewing tools

As I am setting up my sewing station in our new apartment I found this idea to help organize my tools. The original Idea is from a German website, you can check it out via the following link:


I adjusted the pattern a little and used old jeans for the project. All you need is a sewing machine , a zigzag scissor, yarn of course, fabric pins and a coat hanger. Cut the jeans so that the width is the same as the coat hanger inside, length can be as long as you like plus the part that you fold up where the pockets will be. Cut everything with a zigzag scissor, that way you don’t have to worry about sewing the edges. Now fold the jeans fabric, sew the sides (I did this part inside out) and then create different size pockets depending on what you would like to put in the pocket. You can use the object that is meant to go into the pocket to measure the width of the it. To attach it to the hanger I just used some nice pins, folded the fabric around the hanger part and pined it.

For this project you just need to know how to sew straight lines 🙂 easy peasy

Have fun!

Use oven heat for…

Once you are done baking you might as well use the heat for other things such as keeping the oven open to warm up your kitchen even more. Its a much more cozy kind of heat than using the radiator. When I was a child we used to have a masonry heater, lots of work to fire it up, but so cozy and comfortable.IMG_20160213_091451

You can also use the oven heat to dry your dish towel, make sure the oven is off! Either leave the oven open with the dish towel hanging on the oven door or if you have kids better close the door with the towel stuck in between.

New York we got a very cold weekend ahead, stay warm!

Finish first….

If you are like me, then your place has unfinished projects in every corner of your apartment. Lets face it, most likely those projects will never be done and you might just take them apart sooner or later.1450380756316-1979266449

That being said I now follow a simple rule…. FINISH FIRST, before you start your next exciting project. You might not even want to pause at all and work an all nighter if possible. That way you are using your motivation to its fullest.

The New Year can be a good motivation for you to finish all the old projects and then make a list of all the things you wish to make or take part in in 2016. With that, I am not just talking about DIY projects but everything else in your life.Make it count!

Now let me get back to finishing that scarf 😉