Easy Chocolate Cake, aka Maja’s cake

My friend Maja gave me this super easy and delicious chocolate cake recipe. She said she used to pretty much eat one cake a day when she was still in college and her metabolism was at its peak. Tasting that cake I can totally understand how one can devour the whole thing very quickly. You can tell by looking at my pictures that I couldn’t wait and started eating before I managed to shoot a picture of the whole cake 😉

What you will need:

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Crepes Sunday

If you didn’t already have breakfast, or you need an afternoon snack here is something you might want to try. >>>> Crepes… hmmmm with lots of chocolate spread or fruit or whatever you like to add on itIMG_20160403_084325

The trick is to have your pan on high heat and to flip the crepes fairly quickly. Honestly the first time I tried making these I wasn’t too happy with my work….. it looked nothing like a crepe at the end, but tasted good. So just as a warning this might take some practice.

Here is what you need ( makes about 15-20 crepes):

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