You are done with all the puree and your toddler doesn’t really like it anymore since now that he has teeth he’s got to use them at all times.  For now everything is finger-food :).. lets get messy. Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes.

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Ready Set Potty go!

A lot of articles tell you to pay attention for signs that show that your toddler is ready to start potty training. None of them however mention that the question should also be are you as a parent ready !?!

It takes time, lots of patience and lots of cleaning and extra laundry! You can do it and you shouldn’t delay it too much. But also everyone is different and every kid has his/her own head.

I don’t believe in the three-day program! What I do believe in is the naked- butt all summer long program ….(that is whenever you are at home of course) 🙂

Before you even start the training take a week or two to just sit your toddler on the potty with cloth/ diaper on, just so that he gets a feel for it. Whatever I tell you in this post keep in mind you know your child best and the rules are always there to be bent!

To start the real thing, move everything away that you do not wish to get peed or pooped on (carpets, pillows, chair cushions etc.)

These are the products I highly recommend to get before starting the training:

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the age of hiding things …

We are at a stage where little one likes to put things somewhere they do not belong. Its a fun time and yet … well lots of searching for mommy and daddy. Starting with keys going missing because young lady felt that they belong into the garbage bin and with that she made daddy run late for work…. also we might find some interesting items in the water can for the plants. The other day she also thought that daddy’s phone should be hidden in one of our kitchen draws, good thing it wasn’t on silent.


Also as you can see in the picture the printer is a great place to store some of her wood toys, no wonder the paper doesn’t seem to come out while printing :)!

She is 16 months old now and its so much fun!

I feel like the more we say NO to things she shouldn’t be doing, the more fun she has doing it anyway. The word NO does not yet have a real meaning for her, I mean she knows what it means but she likes to pretend she does not. Locking everything up in your apartment wont help, because that little person is smart and will find a way around it somehow. Also that stage is so short that really do we need to buy those ugly locks and plastic clips?!?! We ended up leaving the things that are safe in the lower drawers and moved all the dangerous items all the way up, so she is not able to reach them.



Baby Girls first Birthday

Its that big day that makes you realize that time goes by so fast and you finally understand why people used to say to you ‘Oh you grIMG_20151001_090355ew so much!’ when you were a child. At the time you always thought… what?!?! no I am not big at all I am only 5 3/4. Today you look back at that first year of being a parent when your life changed drastically and your world was turned up side down. Lets be honest doesn’t it look much better from that new angle?!

Having a child is the best thing in the world and you want to hold on to every moment of it. Today is the day your baby is turning one and the way you celebrate is totally up to you. If you feel you need to hire the entire zoo, rent a bounce castle or invite the whole town then that’s what you should do. 🙂 Continue reading

First flight with 3 month old baby

We fly a lot so I will be reporting back on all the different stages and what to remember to bring and think of each time. The first time little one got to be on a big plane was when she was 3 month old.

Designed by Freepik
Designed by Freepik

So the plan was to fly together with daddy, but you know what happens to plans sometimes. Baby and me ended up flying alone over the big pond and this is a mother talking that is used to flying but not with an infant. The reason I am pointing this out is because for somebody who is not used to flying a lot,  it might all be a little more scary and stressful. Before getting even close to the airport, I researched all the advise I could find online.

Every airline is different and there is a difference between international flights and domestic flights. This was an international flight and baby’s first flight. Here is what you should keep in mind:

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Mommy Baby Yoga Jersey City

Mommy Baby yoga with Michelle is great fun and I can highly recommend it. First time moms will most likely start around the time baby is about 3 months old. All the mom’s with baby number 2, 3, and 4 are usually more brave and start around age 5-6 weeks. During the class you can bond even more with your little one, just make sure baby ate and slept enough before… or if you like have them sleep while you follow the class, then that’s just called ‘mommy yoga baby sleep class’ 🙂

It is great since you meet other moms, can exchange all the baby related questions you might have and at the same time you also do something for yourself. I should have started earlier, but I was not that brave at the time. Now little one is very active and I wont be able to continue the class (our baby girl is now almost 9 months old)

To all the moms out there… take your baby to this awesome class while you can. I am still a little sad about how fast she grows and that we are not able to do this any longer. Michelle is really great and you have to meet Kingsley 🙂


Where to sell BABY/ children’s and maternity cloth

When our daughter was born we received soooooo much cloth that I am still sorting out and feel like it’s enough for 3 girls. I am sure you had the same.  I was able to sell items to the stores listed below and still kept a good amount for baby number two. For all three options keep in mind that cloth need to be washed, in great condition and free of stains, also Clothing must be seasonal.

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