Last minute cookies for Christmas

This is the best 10 min recipe that was given to me and its super kids friendly. That way you spend more time making the cookies rather than preparing the dough and for all of you with little kids you know just as good how long the whole cookie cutting and decorating can take with little helpers. Continue reading


Free Fall/Thanksgiving Decoration

We are getting close to the big day of full tummies, family, friends, music and fun. At the end of that day most of us will simply pass out or roll home since walking just doesn’t seem to be an option with so much food in our stomachs.

Lets get ready and prepare your home with some free decoration you can find in the park or forest. Yes you heard right, no need to buy too much when you have some at home and can pick up the rest on a nice walk in the park on a sunny day.


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Make it special!

There are so many things you made by yourself and wish to give to your friends and family as a present. Why not add a little something to it to make it even more special.

I found this stamp set at target for $3 and am stamping away like crazy now. With Christmas and all the other holidays coming up there is always a reason to give a gift and you want to make sure that it is wrapped really nice.

I made the baby hat in the picture for a friend of mine as she is expecting her 2nd child and since they don’t wish to reveal the gender I went a little wild on the color selection.  Continue reading

Easy Chocolate Cake, aka Maja’s cake

My friend Maja gave me this super easy and delicious chocolate cake recipe. She said she used to pretty much eat one cake a day when she was still in college and her metabolism was at its peak. Tasting that cake I can totally understand how one can devour the whole thing very quickly. You can tell by looking at my pictures that I couldn’t wait and started eating before I managed to shoot a picture of the whole cake 😉

What you will need:

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Ready Set Potty go!

A lot of articles tell you to pay attention for signs that show that your toddler is ready to start potty training. None of them however mention that the question should also be are you as a parent ready !?!

It takes time, lots of patience and lots of cleaning and extra laundry! You can do it and you shouldn’t delay it too much. But also everyone is different and every kid has his/her own head.

I don’t believe in the three-day program! What I do believe in is the naked- butt all summer long program ….(that is whenever you are at home of course) 🙂

Before you even start the training take a week or two to just sit your toddler on the potty with cloth/ diaper on, just so that he gets a feel for it. Whatever I tell you in this post keep in mind you know your child best and the rules are always there to be bent!

To start the real thing, move everything away that you do not wish to get peed or pooped on (carpets, pillows, chair cushions etc.)

These are the products I highly recommend to get before starting the training:

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Jet Pillow hack

I am a big fan of Jet. We order fresh food from them on a bimonthly base.They deliver super fast and their prices are lower than fresh direct and amazon fresh. For now their selection is limited but that is quickly changing. When you receive a delivery the box will not only have all your items, but also lots of packaging material for you to work with. A big part of me feels really bad about it, since it just seems too much and it seems wrong to just dispose all of it. So for one I hold on to all the bubble wrap, since you can use it for the next birthday package you might want to send to your mom or friend. Also in case your are about to move I highly recommend ordering food from them since all that material is just perfect for all your moving boxes and items that need protection.

On another note Jet has just been bought by Walmart. You can read more about it here. I hope this will only affect their product variety, pricing and service in a positive way.

What you will need for the pillow project:

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