Ready Set Potty go!

A lot of articles tell you to pay attention for signs that show that your toddler is ready to start potty training. None of them however mention that the question should also be are you as a parent ready !?!

It takes time, lots of patience and lots of cleaning and extra laundry! You can do it and you shouldn’t delay it too much. But also everyone is different and every kid has his/her own head.

I don’t believe in the three-day program! What I do believe in is the naked- butt all summer long program ….(that is whenever you are at home of course) 🙂

Before you even start the training take a week or two to just sit your toddler on the potty with cloth/ diaper on, just so that he gets a feel for it. Whatever I tell you in this post keep in mind you know your child best and the rules are always there to be bent!

To start the real thing, move everything away that you do not wish to get peed or pooped on (carpets, pillows, chair cushions etc.)

These are the products I highly recommend to get before starting the training:


If you want to start slowly you should just pick one time of the day when you put your toddler on the potty. For us we started with the night-time, meaning the one right before bed time and since she didn’t like to sit for very long I had her brush her teeth at the same time or gave her a book to look at. Important, always celebrate even if there is only one little bit of wee in the potty.

The hardest for us was the morning pee, mostly because it means you have no time to wake up before the work begins. The minute your toddler wakes up, put him on the potty, at best right next to you so you make it a morning potty tradition 😉 This one has the biggest chances to score since your toddler should have to go when waking up. Again you have to be fast though… first sound of awakening and the diaper needs to be off.

So that being said, I would recommend this potty schedule:

WEEK 1 : Potty time with diaper / cloth on to get a feel for it

WEEK 2: every-time right before bedtime

WEEK 3: morning and evening potty time

WEEK 4: naked at all times when at home (diaper can still be on at lunch nap) and it is ok to keep that diaper on when outside, just explain to your child that this is only because you are outside, at home its potty time only / no diaper

You might not need a long schedule like this and your child might be a fast learner.

Once you feel that the mid day sleep diaper is dry when waking up you can stop using it during that time. Once you feel the lunch nap is almost always dry you are ready to also stop with the night-time diaper. That last step is probably the hardest since that most likely means sleep interruption for you.

You could give your child the option before going to bed and point at a diaper and an underwear. Your kid might voluntarily choose the underwear over the diaper and that definitely means he or she is ready 🙂

Good luck :)!


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