Jet Pillow hack

I am a big fan of Jet. We order fresh food from them on a bimonthly base.They deliver super fast and their prices are lower than fresh direct and amazon fresh. For now their selection is limited but that is quickly changing. When you receive a delivery the box will not only have all your items, but also lots of packaging material for you to work with. A big part of me feels really bad about it, since it just seems too much and it seems wrong to just dispose all of it. So for one I hold on to all the bubble wrap, since you can use it for the next birthday package you might want to send to your mom or friend. Also in case your are about to move I highly recommend ordering food from them since all that material is just perfect for all your moving boxes and items that need protection.

On another note Jet has just been bought by Walmart. You can read more about it here. I hope this will only affect their product variety, pricing and service in a positive way.

What you will need for the pillow project:

  • Fabric (home decor type of fabric, or if you need some pillows for outside use water proof fabric)
  • Jet cushion material, I am using part A (see image)

The fabric amount will depend on how big you wish to make your pillow. I really just based my project on the size of the cushion from the Jet box. What I did is to fold the cushy material twice and measured around it. In my case I ended up with a fabric piece with the following measurements:

width: 21 inch

length: 39 inch + ad 1/2 inch on each side seem allowance

overlap is about 6 inch long

You will have to focus on sewing the overlap part first. Start by closing off the edges so it wont fringe and then sew together the sides of the overlapping part. After that you can sew both sides of the pillow with a straight or zigzag stitch. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have questions.

As the jet cushion is wrapped in plastic, if you are making pillows for outside that’s perfect since you got extra protection in case it rains. If you are bothered by the sound of the plastic you can just cut it and depose of it.


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