Ikea Pillow Hack

We stayed at a hotel room in Montreal and realized that our little girl really loved all those pillows. Who can blame her it is so comfy . So we decided to finally get her, her own pillow for her bed at home. On our way home we stopped at Ikea and among the many items we ended up buying we purchased a Slan Pillow that I turned into a crib pillow.

So you could purchase the crib pillow for $5.99 or you can make your own from their $1.99 Slan Pillow.

The version I have done should NOT be used for infants! Even the crib pillow that is made just for kids is recommending an age of 12 month and older. Please keep that in mind!

I used the Ikea Slan pillow and simply cut it in half. That way I ended up with two kids pillows (size 14x 22″). Or you could use the filling from the 2nd half for another project such as a soft animal  or a  little pillow for your child’s doll etc….. there are so many fun things you can do with filling.


  1. use a marker to draw a line where you want your pillow to be cut
  2. try to push the filling away so you are able to cut
  3. use a zigzag scissor (or normal scissor)to cut along your marked line, start by cutting one side of the pillow
  4. empty the filling so cutting the  second side of the pillow will be easier
  5. keep the filling out so that sewing is easier
  6. Sew a straight line using a zigzag stitch till about 2/3 of the pillow is closed (you can use a straight stitch as well if you prefer)
  7. add the filling back to the pillow
  8. close the remaining part of the opening
  9. DONE 🙂IMG_20160820_165243

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